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IUCN World Conservation Congress - Bringing conservation and agriculture together


Bioversity International took part in several side events at the IUCN World Conservation Congress, held in September 2012 in Jeju, Korea. One of these was organized by a partner, the Christensen Fund, and focused on bringing two seemingly divergent agendas together: agriculture and biodiversity  conservation. The event resulted in a ‘Call to Action for Agriculture and Conservation to work together’.


Emile Frison, Director General of Bioversity International, explains: “For some time, agriculture and conservation have operated in separate worlds with separate agendas. Agriculture has been seeking ways to increase production to feed a growing population, while conservation has been in a race to save more land for preservation purposes.”  Through the use and conservation of agricultural biodiversity, Bioversity International’s research brings together agriculture and conservation to meet both targets of food security and conservation.


As Emile Frison, Cristián Samper (President and CEO of the Wildlife Conservation Society and Bioversity International Board of Trustees Vice-chair) and Ken Wilson (Executive Director and CEO of The Christensen Fund) stated in a National Geographic NewsWatch opinion piece after the event: “If we are to find long-term sustainable solutions to food and nutrition security and biodiversity conservation, the policies we need in the future require conservation and agriculture sectors to collaborate. It is not enough just to increase production. Agriculture and conservation have to come together to work with rural communities if we are to have a food secure future.”



Photo: Terraced farmland to reduce soil erosion, Peru - Credit: Bioversity International/A. Camacho