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Neglected and underutilized species to fight hunger and rural poverty


In December 2012, Bioversity International co-organized an international seminar on Old and New Crops to Meet the Challenges of the XXI Century in collaboration with the Chair of Studies on Hunger and Poverty of the University of Córdoba, Spain, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN and the International Fund for Agricultural Development.  The event was attended by numerous organizations and stakeholders, who discussed how neglected and underutilized species can be best mobilized to support the fight against hunger and rural poverty in the world.


The Córdoba Declaration, which resulted from the seminar, represents an important contribution “to raise policymakers’ attention on neglected and underutilized species. These crops have a great potential to increase income, enhance nutrition and are often better adapted to grow in marginal areas, where poor people live, with little need for irrigation, pesticides and fertilizers. The Declaration also sets the basis for a global agenda on the sustainable conservation and use of these crops,” said Stefano Padulosi, Senior Scientist at Bioversity International and part of the working group that developed the Declaration which will be shared at the UN General Assembly in 2013.



Photo: Field of finger millet, India - Credit: Bioversity International/S. Padulosi