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The Economist explores Feeding the World – Africa


More than 180 delegates from 25 countries attended The Economist Conference Feeding the World, Africa summit on 15-16 November 2012 in Johannesburg, South Africa. Bioversity International’s Director General Emile Frison was one of the invited speakers and shared insights on both days at the conference.


During The Big Nutrition Challenge meeting on 15 November, he focused on the importance of dietary diversity and sustainable diets. Frison also spoke as part of a panel on 16 November entitled R&D and Science – Technology’s role in African food security. He explained why research on the potential of agricultural biodiversity is critical to provide food and nutrition security in Africa and throughout the world, and the importance of science and traditional knowledge coming together.


“Global attention is turning to investments in agricultural research and development to solve the biggest global dilemmas of today – increasing population, malnutrition, poverty, climate change and environmental degradation. This investment in research is vital, but equally important is the need to bring together science and traditional knowledge about agriculture,” Frison said.



Photo: Cooking traditional food in Kenya - Credit: Bioversity International/P. Sands