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Moving sustainable diets and food systems forward


Bioversity International is working with partners to describe, measure and influence policy and programmes on sustainable diets and food systems with the ultimate goal of improving nutrition and health. Sustainable diets and food systems are constructed around human needs, but with a view to sustainability, low environmental impact and food that is accessible, culturally relevant and nutritionally adequate.


In 2010, Bioversity International and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN held an international scientific symposium on Biodiversity and Sustainable Diets, which resulted in the development of a consensus definition and additional efforts, including a book – Sustainable Diets and Biodiversity: Directions and Solutions for Policy, Research and Action, released online as an open-access publication in 2012.


Later in the year, Bioversity published a Technical Brief on the need for measures and indicators of sustainable diets with the Daniel and Nina Carasso Foundation and the CGIAR Research Program on Agriculture for Nutrition and Health. Both publications provide important foundations for additional research in this new and challenging area.“Through a better understanding of the measurement of sustainable diets, innovative policies and programmes  can be developed and promoted that emphasize the positive role of biodiversity, ecosystem services and sustainable production systems on human health and nutrition,” comments Bruce Cogill, Leader of the Nutrition and Marketing Diversity Programme, Bioversity International.


A key contributor to these two publications was Jessica Fanzo, former Senior Scientist and now an Honorary Research Fellow with Bioversity. In November, Fanzo was named the first recipient of the Premio Daniel Carasso for her outstanding work on sustainable food and diets for long-term human health.



Photo: Assortment of traditional Sri Lankan dishes - Credit: Bioversity International/S. Landersz