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Applying forest genetic resources research in the field


Sustainable forest management ensures that goods and services derived from forests and trees meet our needs today while safeguarding their future availability. To ensure long-term adaptive potential in the face of climate change and other challenges, the genetic diversity of trees must be sustained. This means that knowledge of forest genetic resources must be integrated into management practices for forests, agroforests, and conservation areas.


To address this need, David Boshier, Honorary Research Fellow with Bioversity International, and his colleagues at Bioversity have revamped the textbook approach to teaching and created an ‘off the shelf’ Forest Genetic Resources Training Guide made up of teaching modules that make forest genetic resources training relevant, attractive and accessible to non-specialists. Organized in a modular format, the guide provides case studies, teacher notes, exercises and audiovisual materials that are flexible and easy to use in a range of formal or informal training and learning situations.


In 2012, the team worked on case studies for the third and fourth modules of the Forest Genetic Resources Training Guide, one on Seed supply chains and another on Forest management. In the future, the publication will also be available in Spanish, French, Chinese and Russian.



Photo: Forest in Ghana - Credit: Bioversity International/M. Ekue